Once on Indian soil tourists are required to obtain a Currency Declaration Form and fill up the Disembarkation Card. Foreign nationals are required to make an oral declaration of the baggage they carry.

There are two main customs clearance channels – the Green Channel and Red Channel, depending upon.

Tourists with a visa permit for 180 days must acquire a Registration certificate and a residential permit and must submit 4 passport size pictures at the time of registration.

While leaving the country foreign nationals are required to submit the Certificate of registration that was issued on arrival in the country.

Foreign nationals are required to have a Yellow fever vaccination certificate while traveling to India. It is advisable to get yourself checked so that you can enjoy your India travel in comfort.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Carry your passport and important travel documents at all times.

  • Carry attested Photostat copies of travel documents in person and keep the originals safely.

  • You mustn’t buy air / rail or travel tickets from unauthorized persons.

  • Foreign nationals are required to pay all their bills through credit cards, foreign currency or traveler’s cheques. Indian rupees are accepted only in case of proof of legal currency exchange.

  • In case you wish to hire vehicles or cars while on tours to tourist attractions in India then the best thing to do would be to ask your tour operator to do the needful. 


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